Tips to Improve Broadband Speed

Ideally, everyone would like fast internet which loads pages in the browser in a blink of an eye, of course without having to pay the extra cost. Well, there are a few tricks which you can use to try and improve the speed of your internet connection so continue to read on below.

Get in touch with the Internet Service Provider

If you are experiencing exceptionally low connection speed, the first thing you should do is get in touch with your broadband provider. It might be the connection is not configured correctly or even damaged cables causing the connection to dip. If there is anything apparent with the connection then more than likely the broadband provider will be able to resolve the issue. It will also be worth doing a speed test on your broadband to see what speed you a receiving, compared to what you should be receiving, this will then give you more ground to stand on when getting in touch with the broadband provider.

How many people are using the internet?

Having a number of users on your network can sometimes significantly slow your connection down. Most speeds can only handle a certain amount of users at any one time, so if you do have a lot of users browsing the internet at the same time, then it might be worth reducing the users or switching around. If reducing the users is not an option then you may need to increase the speed of your internet connection with the provider so it handle more users.

Update the web browser

Updating your browser also helps improve connection speeds. If you are using an older version of a browser then it might be worth updating as newer versions have improved connections as well as security. It is also a good idea to try an alternative web browser to see if the connection speeds improves.

Router Interference

Most people don’t realise but placing your router next to electrical appliances can cause interference which then slows down the connection speed of the internet. If your router is placed around other electrical household appliances, especially those giving off wireless signals i.e. home phones, then it is a good idea to move the router to another location away from any other electrics to prevent any interference.

Is your broadband protected?

Having your wireless router unprotected means anyone can access your internet by simply searching and connecting to it. This could slow your internet speeds depending on how many people are connected to the network as well as putting your online security at risk. If you are not sure if your network is password protected or not then you can check this by simply searching for your network in the available networks. If it is protected you will see a lock sign next to it, if you don’t see the sign then your network is not protected and you need to set a password for it.

Router Upgrade

Upgrading your router may also help with slow internet speeds. In most instances many people continue using the same router for years which can sometimes develop faults. Broadband providers have new versions of routers quite often, so it will be worth giving your broadband provider a call to see if they have a new router available. Most providers will send you out a new router free of charge, however some providers may charge you a fee to get a new one out to you.

Wireless to wire

Using an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet may not necessarily improve your signal but it may certainly improve your connection to the internet. If you’re not too far from the router then it might be a good idea to get plugged in with the Ethernet as a temporary fix for connecting to the internet. If you have tried the wired connection and are still experiencing exceptionally slow internet connection speeds then you will need to get in touch with the provider as there may be something effecting the connection.

Is it time to switch provider?

If you have tried everything in your power to improve your broadband speed and nothing works, then it may be that the provider you are currently with is not suitable enough for the area you live in and they don’t have the best connection. If you have discussed all options with your current provider and get no luck then you may want to consider trying an alternative broadband provider. However, do bear in mind, the cheapest deal may sometimes be the problem as you may require a slightly higher package in order to get acceptable connection speeds in the area you live in, so do discuss this with you current provider or then the new provider if you decide to switch.